Sunday, June 6, 2021

"Disease Is the Newest Excuse for Segregation"

Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Vaccine Reaction

Walking through several airports to catch planes this week, I stepped on hundreds of stickers with the exhortation "Keep a Safe Distance. Stay 6 Feet Apart."

It’s just a silly sticker at this point, an embarrassing relic of the great 2020 disease panic during which our usual sensibility that people have inherent dignity and rights was displaced by the phobia that human beings are mere disease vectors and spreaders of killer germs.

There was never any science behind it.

"It’s almost like it was pulled out of thin air," Linsey Marr of Virginia Tech told The New York Times (which miraculously printed the comment).

By now, no one pays attention to these exhortations. It’s an impossible rule to follow. We are used to hearing and reading it and strangely overlook it as the latest goofy thing.

The truth is more serious. The notion that separation is safer than integration is dangerous and contrary to the good life as we’ve come to understand it over half a millennium.

Read the rest at The Vaccine Reaction.

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