Thursday, May 20, 2021

War Rooms and Bored Rooms

A war room is not a boring place.

Almost anyone, including probably people who have been in war rooms, would say they were a bit too exciting.

In a war room, the situation demands of the participants the very best they can do, when the stakes couldn't be higher–

Life or death, or something like life or death. And when decisions need to be made instantly.

Air battle managers (ABM) are career field rated officers in the USAF that provide command and control support to airborne and ground units. In 2014, the Air Force Personnel Center reported there were 1,436 ABMs serving on active duty.

ronald reagan white house situation room
In the White House they call it the Situation Room.

The bored room is a different space.

Corporations designed it, over the course of their natural development, intentionally and by trial-and-error, and just naturally without thinking about what they were doing.

Company meetings are very likely not boring by accident.

In a bored room, the participants are inculcated by the nature of the setting (the design of the room and the people in it) and the encounter (the purpose and agenda for meeting)––

With a certain temperament that corporations clearly find advantageous. Or at least believe is advantageous for their executives and directors to hold for ideal company culture.

It's important though to nullify any disadvantages that come along with the cool, unthreatened, abundance mentality sown by the very medium of the corporate board room meeting.

So that it doesn't slip into complacency, apathy, stupor, entitlement, waste, or even corruption.

So you have Jeff Bezos bringing in the big taxidermied animal or fossil or whatever it was to put in Amazon's building. And there are rumors of primal yells in company meetings. And look where they are today:

" Inc. (AMZN) reported Q1 2021 earnings that beat the consensus estimate by a wide margin. Earnings per share (EPS) were $15.79. That's 65.2% above the $9.56 that analysts projected. Amazon's total revenue was $108.5 billion, coming in 3.8% higher than the analysts' prediction of $104.5 billion.

Amazon's Key Metric: Amazon Web Services (AWS) [their computer cloud business] Revenue Amazon Web Services (AWS) revenue for the quarter was $13.5 billion, 3.1% higher than the $13.1 billion consensus estimate."

What's missing from being just bored (in a way that communicates you're safe, secure, have abundant resources, and an enormous amount of trust invested in you), is the vitality of the dangers of war, and the vitality of the creative spirit and implements to meet those dangers.

If we can reimagine and reengineer the cognitive and functional elements that constitute militancy in human behavior, the ocean of strength and camouflage that poured out of our species' millennia of violent games, into something that would make a welcome guest in a bored room, who knows–– could we drink all of it?

Anyways drink your share, wild man.

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