Monday, May 17, 2021

Apple's Tim Cook Is Stepping Up From The Desk to Witness in Court in Battle with Epic Games Over "Anticompetitive" Suit

These intellectual property lawsuits are an entire industry unto themselves with the amount of money involved.

To get an idea of how important it is to Apple, Inc. and to the proprietors at Epic Games to get this right when they argue their case in court: Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has stayed behind the desk while Apple battles with Epic Games over the suit, is now stepping up to play ball in court this week.

An entire team of professionals as most of us could only imagine has practiced with Cook for hours to prepare him for his testimony. MacRumors reports:

"Cook is expected to defend the ‌App Store‌ by touting its economic success, and the entirely new industry it has created. Apple often promotes the success of the ‌App Store‌, saying the platform created 300,000 new jobs in the U.S. as the global health crisis was in full swing last year."

Apparently, Epic Games and other app developers believe the company's 30% cut of in-app purchases is unfair. They agreed to it.

And no one is stopping them from agreeing to something else if they prefer.

Instead of going tattling to mommy and daddy, and throwing a fit in the court system, trying to get judges to help you and the market settle prices fairly.

That's not what judges are here for in the United States.

This should be resolved by capitalists, engineers, and artists.

Mac Rumors also has it that:

"Apple says that by requiring apps to use its own system, it can offer users a safer experience. ‌Tim Cook‌ himself has said that if third-party payment methods were to be allowed, the App Store would become a 'flea market.'"


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