Saturday, October 24, 2020

Unreal Repartee: Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas Have Vicious Verbal Rowshambow

T3 Podcast :)
Keep taking good care of that baby, Hila, we know you are!

Ethan and Trisha go deep in this one, and get to a place where they are incredibly comfortably, safely, and intimately, as fond friends, roasting each other mercilessly and savagely, no holds barred, below the belt hits and kicks legal, just a truly vicious verbal rowshambow.

They're hitting each other as hard as they can, and clawing back at the others' attacks with strong and sincere answers, followed up rapid fire with a counter attack. They go after each other's relationships with some serious devil talk. They go after each other's families with nasty, trashy, dirty laundry bullshit that stinks. They go after each other's ethnicities in some seriously devious ways.

And they hold up under all of it and beam through the cloud of demonic energy they summon up with the intention of genuine love care and friendship and the sweet cozy balm of fluid wit and silly humor, laughing at all the spooky lie monsters they're summoning and hurling to watch the monsters break on each other for fun. All for a million people who know about them to watch.

This video is amazing. And very festive right now. A way better watch this close to Halloween than when it uploaded a month ago. And if you're confounded by partisan politics, especially as it spirals into a hyperreal version of itself in this place of rapid global human and technological acceleration, you may discover insights by watching.

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