Saturday, October 31, 2020

On Rogan's Podcast Kanye West Looked Like One Of The Healthiest Men I've Ever Seen

When we call ppl crazy or mentally ill, it’s so dismissive and stigmatizing. We make that person an untouchable this way. We gag them and take their voice away. We make them less than human because we’ve decided there is no reason to what they say or do. 😰😑 ================================= I can tell from the early headlines on this story that the news industry had decided to paint Kanye crazy, and here y’all are passing along the vicious gossip. ================================= This is a huge mistake and will not be good for a world full of ppl that do things and say things that don’t make sense to others or maybe even themselves, arising from personal and ancestral traumas we are all working to heal from and move beyond ================================= And I do believe that is why Kanye West his very self has arisen to fill this moment in history with a figure maligned as crazy who can and will prove that he not only isn’t, but that the Deep Wisdom that made us, that built civilization out of nothing but our nimble bodies and the earth’s minerals and fibers, that set us apart from the other animals, that conquered danger, need, and want— lives in this man and his King’s heart ================================= Many said his conversation eas rambling. That’s good— long form free flowing conversation for two hours, the era of politicians faking it in short sound bites and segments is OVER. If you’re a bozo or evil, you’ll be exposed in the new media, if you’re golden you’ll shine. ================================= I should add just because it was a long free flowing conversation that no one can prep for or naturally slip in talking points without blowing up the format sounding fake— that did not make anything Ye said incoherent or unreasoned. He has more coherence and reason in what he’s about than almost any politician and it showed ================================= Since I’m not in a swing state I’m going to vote for him this year ================================= Mental illness is necessarily a stigmatizing term on its face, but in usage it's terribly stigmatizing, so much so that almost anyone would be embarrassed, no mortified, to disclose the gory details of their interior world and its snags and tangles and meltdowns and whacked thoughts say in a long post on their facebook wall for everyone to read. (unless, curiously enough, it's disguised to others--and even to, maybe *especially* to the person themself-- as political speech, then many right now are eager to reveal their mental snags and tangles and meltdowns and whacked thoughts which never ceases to shock me, but it is really funny at the same time πŸ˜„) Sadly I think we are still in the medieval age as far as psychology goes. ================================= The real misfortune here too, is that so much of the work has already been done for decades by the analytic psychologists, but people are too afraid to be weak so they can be strong, afraid to labeled and never taken seriously again. That's why this bullying of Kanye on account of his mental health needs to stop yesterday ================================= After watching I bet he will be one of our next presidents. What he said about foreign policy especially impressed me. ================================= That is some of the realest, most genuine talk about any political issue, especially one as Byzantine and fraught as foreign policy, that I have ever heard anyone make. This wasn’t canned, focus grouped talking points calculated for 270+ electors. It was wisdom, humility, serenity, and strength. Watch and then say he’s ill again

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