Friday, August 14, 2020

Poor Richard's Libertarian Report - Disclosures


Sure, I could pander to your patriotism or sense of virtue by assuring you here that I write this blog for the public good.

But the truth is I'm poor.

I've got credit card debts, child support, money I owe people. I rent a place to live and don't own a home.


So I have affiliate links on my blog.

If you tap a link to a page with something for sale, and you buy it, they'll kick me back a quarter or a couple bucks.


I also have display ads that provide a tailored ad experience for each user, drawing from a large network of advertisers.

Some of these are election campaign ads. Any political ads seen here should not be taken as endorsements.


I use Google Blogger to publish this blog. It gives your computer cookies. If you're in Europe they've rigged up a notification by order of the European Union.

I don't have to tell you if you're in the United States and everybody already knows about cookies or doesn't care. 

But anyway–– Here, take a cookie.


I write news and commentary about business, finance, tech, and politics, including a lot about cryptocurrencies, stocks, and precious metals. I keep my savings in these securities so I have a small personal stake in their market value.

Drop into my DMs on Twitter.


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